Writing… But about what (the 1st Blog post ever!!!)

I’m an illustrator. Most of the time, I start a comic idea by writing down the text, right! So writing a blog post shouldn’t be that different… right?

So here I am, in 2021, starting this blog. Why, you ask? Erm, well, I am following a marketing course about business and it showed how important it is to grow a blog. You could say I’m doing it because I was told to do so, but I think it’s a nice challenge for me!

make it make sense

Most of my process work have never been shared before, except via stories that I share on Instagram that disappear after 24h. So, this blog will not only help me explain my workflow to potential clients and colleagues but will also help young illustrators who are looking for advice to start their creative journeys. Bottom line, it cannot hurt to word it all out!

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