๐Ÿ“ผ Animation / Les Repas Parfaits

November 2017

Writing, storyboard, illustration and animation of a Short digital branded content Campaign.


Picard is a popular french retailer of frozen foods. They provide ready-to-eat meals as well a variety of frozen ingredients to create your own recipe. As an art director and an illustrator, I wanted to showcase what food can symbolise to every one on a more personal level.


What matters to us, when we cook a meal, is to please our guests, our families, and ourselves. It is a way to show affection and care. With Picard’s Perfect Dinner, consumers can speak about their favorite Picard home-made recipes and how much it means to them. Do they cook for a loved one? Does a parent cooks them their all-time favorite soup? Let’s find out!

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The video is less than 1 minutes, in order to keep the viewer’s attention. The storyline is written so that they can read it without putting the sound on.

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