EDITORIAL / Au Secours Magazine

Concept and art direction of a 24 pages press magazine. Collaboration with designer Hermine Mourey.

Brand strategy | Visual identity | Typography | Copywriting | Layout | Print design


Au secours is a magazine that exposes problematic public figures, who make their bread by spreading lies and misinformation. We wanted to prove how those fake-news characters are full of it, and give an overview of who they really are. In order to show those 2 sides, the magazine can be read two ways: as is, or with a red filtrer. The filter makes invisible all the lies and propaganda, and leaves the truth unbothered.

What the Red Filter leaves readable what it hides

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Detailed Articles

Thanks to the red Filter, find out what informations disappear…

the summer fiction: a fan-fiction

The fan-fiction is covered with embarrassing picture, to stop you from reading. Using the filter helps you find out what happens next…

the full-pages of games

coming up next…

The idea of using a filter to expose the truth can be adapted to different colors and different problematic public figures. Can you guess who’s next in line?

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