Comic Strips / Looking for LOVE

April 2021

 A comic book about the search of Love when you are a millennial shy teenager.


Through my own prism, I wanted to share what I’ve learnt growing up. If this is relatable to even one single person, it means i’m doing something right.

As I grew older, I realized that what I thought was love was not always… Love. After celebrating my 25th birthday, I felt the need to lay down on paper my journey from being a 12 years old goth girl to the woman I am today.

key numbers

As an illustrator and comic author, this allowed me to build a cohesive story on more than 20 pages.

  • 20 pages worth of good storytelling
  • 16 character designs of Boys I might have liked
  • More than 5K likes in total on Instagram


My good friend Lucie proof-read this first draft and gave me insights to help me improve the text’s impact.

I started by writing down all the story and listing the potential number of panels per chapter, in order to fit the Instagram 10 panels rule.

Once this was complete, I drew once a week a chapter, always using the same color palette and textures.

Final result

happy readers

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