Digital campaign – Happy Father’s day!


Visual identity | Typography | Copywriting | Branding | Advertising | Social Media


Papa Sauce is a retail food company that sells extra tasty and groovy pasta sauces in french supermarkets.

Because their brand voice revolves around the notion of Fatherhood, we wanted to celebrate all kinds of fathers for father’s day 2021.

solution: 7 smashing typographic posters

Crafted in Illustrator.

Based on Papa Sauce’s branding, I used colors and text placement to conveys different types of emotions.

I also worked on the Copy for the Instagram’s caption, letting me display more personality (aka more words) than in the minimalistic posters.

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daily Story riddles

Building a community is a must on Social Media. I created riddles based emojis to try and guess the Poster’s of the day. Each new poster was like a reveal.

Learn more about Papa Sauce here or follow them on Instagram!

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