Illustration / Employeur Zen’s website

MAY 2021


Parent Employeur Zen is a website that allows an individual employer to handle administrative paperworks.

They needed illustrated visuals to make the interface more lively and empathetic. I crafted custom character designs & compositions and created around 20 illustrations for the website.

creating branded illustration

The collaboration went great because I was able to offer my client multiple proposition regarding each specific composition, making them all cohesive as a whole but never repetitive.

Creation of a set of icons in the same style as the main illustrations

Final result

Here is a quick overview of how the illustration are displayed throughout the website’s funnel:

My 4 step process:

1. writing down and explaining

Before drafting the visuals, I make sure that we are on the same page. This later saves up time in back and forth dialogues.

2. drafting in 5 working days

Those drafts are to be shared in order to gain constructive feedbacks before going further into details.

3. InKing

Following step 2 and potential modifications, I will ink the drawings. Once they are approved we can add the colors.

4. Coloring & final approval

I will hand over the deliverables, according to the brief. All files are web-proof and ready to share.

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