Illustration / Pandacraft magazine

October to December 2019


Pandacraft is a french company specializing in educational and creative products for children aged 3 to 12. They sell monthly subscription kits that include a manual activity and a magazine.

The monthly collaboration

Each month, I was working hand in hand with the editorial team to craft custom illustrations for the 8 to 12 years old Youth magazine.

I had total freedom in the color palettes and layouts, allowing me to test and learn new techniques and explore lots of different ideas throughout the months.

A colorful and playful identity

Each magazine explores a different theme, following the calendar. I got to work on themes such as Christmas and Back-to-School.

Double full page illustration of a kid’s bedroom with cute DYIs tips

gender-neutral Character designs

Based on pop culture, I got to draw kids in a lot of quirky situations such as going to the Paris Manga event, playing the Detective in a museum, or being trapped in Jumanji!

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