Illustration / Pandacraft magazine

January to march 2020


Pandacraft is a french company specializing in educational and creative products for children aged 3 to 12. They sell monthly subscription kits that include a manual activity and a magazine.

The monthly collaboration

Each month, I was working hand in hand with the editorial team to craft custom illustrations for the 8 to 12 years old Youth magazine.

I had total freedom in the color palettes and layouts, making this 1 year collaboration and 12 magazines unique and full of opportunities.

Adapting my style to the new branding

In 2020 Pandacraft completely reworked their identity. This came as a great opportunity for me to work even more closely with the editorial team and the graphic designer.

We collaborated and crafted custom page layouts that made the illustrations and the articles super cohesive.

Full page of Illustration with brainstorming on the layout

Creating quirky characters

Here is an example of illustrations of the more scientific articles.

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