Illustration / The Lily News



During the Summer of 2017, I was messaged on Instragram by the editor of the Lily news. They asked me to create 4 original comics for their instagram account.ย 

Their objective was to encourage young women to speak their minds, voice their concerns, questions, and feelings. (Perfect job for me, right?!)

Writing the comics

At the time, I was working in an Ad Agency, just started to date my boyfriend, and was posting one comic per day online. As someone who finds inspiration within my own life, this was a particularly turning point ! We agreed on the four following topics :

  • Working in advertising: 5 annoying things I encountered
  • The fear of happiness: starting a new relationship and being afraid of working it out
  • Texting: a light-hearted comic about millennials and their love for texting!
  • The white page syndrome: how to find inspiration back?

Roughs on paper, final layout and colours on Photoshop

Final edit

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