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Proprioo is a real estate startup that helps real estate agents to be a better version of themselves, by creating marketing tools and constantly updating their CRM. Let me share with you how I worked hand in hand with the marketing team to create those infographics!


Making an Ad campaign on social media is always a tricky project, since the algorithm is always changing and the users are quickly bored. The marketing team at Proprioo came up to me with a new and fun insight: most of us loves data in maps format.

Why data matters

Our first question was: what type of data would make a prospective home seller click on our ad?

In 2019 we gained access to a lot of freshly calculated data, based on the location and the time of each propriety transaction. We thought that combining those data with the subway station grid was a good angle to start from, since it is a playful way to look into it. So the marketing team put in perspective the price per square meter and the location of each subway station in Paris, to create a new grid of information.

A Facebook carousel of an infographic based on metro stations
Carousel of infographics, showcasing the most and the least expensive subway station per district, according to the price per square meter of the surroundings

After the first map we put online, we had an issue with the amount of data we could show on one single map. The visuals needed to be sharp enough to be read on a mobile devine. I had the idea of breaking down the city in four maps, in order to obtain more precision by showing two data per district. What if you live in the 9th district, but you see that there is a 1000€ gap between the most and the least expensive neighborhood? This was a clever way to implement our data in a way that could bring engagement.

Creating custom infographics

My other priorities were regarding the creative aspect of things:

  • I had to create graphic guidelines for those maps that would fit right in with the rest of the already implemented branding,
  • I wanted to give a homely feeling, almost nostalgic, to those maps, by designing custom illustration of typical scenery : an old Art-nouveau subway station, a newspaper kiosk, …
illustrations of typical parisian landscapes

Different level of granularity

After a couple of weeks, our data team crunched the numbers to find even more interesting rates and more precise figures. This allowed us to deploy either more zoomed-in infographics, or more global maps.

Infographic about the 92 departement
the price per square meter of each town in the 92th department

A 360 communication plan

From this ad campaign, as the lead art director of the company, my mission was to implement those design into the bigger picture : in sales prospection, press release and magazines, as well as in our online blog. This was very well received as it gave more communication media to the sales team.

example of flyers based on the infographics
March 2020: examples of differents flyers, each one being printed for a specific area or city
presse release including the infographics
January 2020 press release: Proprioo made a statement about the future of the real estate business for Paris and its suburbs
blog post including the infographics
November 2019: article on the blog written by an expert, about the real estate market of Asnières

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