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LaShootingBOX is the first “photo session” gift box. They are sold in stores and through their website. Since 2012, they have been working with the largest community of professional photographers in France.

They were looking for a long-term design collaboration to create and implement their graphic identity via social media and marketing content.

solution: monthly social media content

why it matters

By creating a unique branded content, consumers can identify your brand quicker. This gives an overal more polished and professional look to your business social medias!

By working every month on new graphic ideas, we were able to craft a custom visual DNA for LaShootingBOX and nurture it.

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Examples of social media content

Each concept is approved before finalized.

We are able to produce content around all important events such as Easter, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s day, as well as shopping events : Black Friday, summer and winter sales.

How do we to it?

retroplanning is key

1. briefing and first meeting

This can take place via phone, skype or in real life! This step is crucial because it allows me to perfectly understand your needs and expectations. 

2. brainstorming, first draft in 5 working days

Those drafts are to be shared in order to gain constructive feedbacks before going further into details.


3. 3 modifications

Following step 2, adding the finishing touches to the designs.

4. hand over of the deliverables according to the brief

All files are web-proof and ready to share.

Monthly newsletter designs

LaShootingBOX sends monthly and weekly newsletter to their subscribers. The target is to showcase an offer or a special time of the year. Those visuals are linked to the editorial guidelines for the social media content, making it all cohesive.

Print design

Creation of the printed designs on Indesign and Illustrator.

Occasional work on corporate materials or offline marketing.

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