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Proprioo is a real estate startup that is client-centric. They offer a modern real estate transaction with a 30% cheaper transaction fee.

In 2019, Proprioo raised 20 million euros. Following the re-branding I implemented (link to the main article), we decided it was time to have a look at the digital ecosystem: the website, dashboard and the property estimation study.

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The new website

Made to reflect the new, modern and client-centric branding, the layout is clear and with real pictures of Proprioo’s team of real estate experts. I worked in collaboration with the marketing team and the co-founders to achieve this empathic and dynamic UI.

The new Dashboard

This dashboard is not an asset every Real Estate agency can provide to their clients. This data and easy-to-navigate dashboard allows the client to know at all times how the sale of his property is going. Somebody made an offer? You can need to message your real estate expert? Want to see the new professional pictures of your flat? Are you ready to sign the mandate? Everything can be done through this portal!

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The Property estimation study

This document is sent by email after the first meeting with Proprioo’s real estate expert. This is a well researched property estimation, based on datas and given informations. It was important to convey the Proprioo state of mind in this file, to make the customer experience cohesive.


they trusted Eleonore

« Eleonore’s design work combined business objectives and creative consistency. I can only salute her level of professionalism and her dedication to her work! »


« Creative on a very short notice »

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Eleonore had the ability to work on our project on very short notice with a creative design that completely corresponded to our needs and hopes.

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« She understands the clients’ needs »

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I recommend Eleonore. She is a very good designer who knows how to understand the client’s needs.

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