Selling prints when you are a personal story comic author

A couple of months ago, I started my journey as an illustrator-entrepreneur by opening my Etsy Shop.But Ele, you’ve been making comics for AGES and you just started selling your art NOW?” You might think. Well, it’s been complicated.

As it turned out, most of my comics were about me (and my face, mostly). Who would spend money on an A5 illustration of my face, except (maybe) my mother or my sister? And more importantly, is an illustration of my face the best way to share emotions, empowering quotes or positive affirmations?

My first thoughts went to the Mysterious Flying Potatoes. They are characters I created back in 2017, and they happen to feel lots of emotions and have amazing life adventures (find them all here). What could be better to illustrate greeting cards than cute Potatoes? Plus, not only they were not me, they were also the epitome of neutrality (they are potatoes, after all). Should I write it again ? Potatoes. Po-ta-toes.

Aren’t they adorable? They are, aren’t they? Okay.

This led me to create prints for different occasions and emotions, therefore conveying the same message I always wanted to share: that it is awesome to FEEL things, VOICE them and SHARE some LOVE!

Here are some ways to share the love with my Mysterious Flying Potatoes greeting cards

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