Animation: Nicolas Binot – Storyboard, illustrations: Eleonore Bem Design Studio

The reference software suite for retail brands

eCOS® Blue Eagle is an all-in-one SaaS suite designed for brands, retailers and wholesalers.

We started the collaboration in 2021, and from this we created a branding platform solid enough to expand to a cohesive identity. In two years, we updated the website and created +10 new pages, implemented the design on all printed materials, and crafted several digital advertising campaigns including webinars.


Art Direction




Marketing Ads

Integration by Betterweb

« Depuis 2021, Eléonore nous a aidé à renouveler et moderniser notre image. Sa disponibilité et son efficacité ont permis de réaliser chaque projet dans les temps. Un véritable atout pour Externis ! »

“Since 2021, Eléonore has helped us renew and modernize our image. His availability and efficiency allowed each project to be completed on time. A real advantage for Externis! “

Jordan Perrin, Senior Marketing Manager