Fêtes de Fiac

Celebrating social life in small french village

Fiac is a small village in Tarn, France, where strong bonds are celebrated throughout the year thanks to the Fiac Party Planning Committee, Le Comité des fêtes de Fiac. Each year, they take pride in organizing and celebrating Les Fêtes de Fiac, a 3-day festival where generations danses, eats, and enjoys a good time together.


Brand Identity

Art Direction

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“Parce qu’il nous fallait une identité visuelle moderne, unique et en accord avec les modèle esthétiques du moment, nous avons choisi Eleonore Bem Design Studio pour son talent et son inventivité. Si Les fêtes de village restent traditionnelles, elles se doivent d’avoir une image contemporaine. Eléonore est résolument dans son temps.”

“Because we needed a modern and unique brand identity, in line with the current trends, we were pleased to work with Eleonore Bem Design Studio. She is very talented and creative. It’s not because village festival are rooted in tradition that they have to keep their original formats or designs. Eleonore helped us bring les Fêtes de Fiac in the pure present.”

Jean-Marc Rodier, President of the Fiac Party Planning Committee

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