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Challenge: being an art director in a startup

Proprioo is a real estate startup that is client-centric. They offer a modern real estate transaction with a 30% cheaper transaction fee.

My role as an Art Director was to develop and implement a cohesive 360 branding identity that would be able to evolve as the company grow larger. This meant that I worked with marketing, communication and sales department to craft custom materials and digital assets. My role was also to take picture to create a Stock Image database, and collaborate with the social media manager. Being the sole creative in the company, I was also asked to create corporate supports for the HR team when needed. This position was very rewarding because most of the projects were short to mid-term so we could quickly see the results.

Let’s get into it!

my job as a brand designer

editing the brand book

Taking the time to make an extensive brand book can seem like a waste of time, but it is actually the best fondation to implement a strong identity. From the existing logotype, I designed a custom geometric font. (Can you spot how many time this font is used on this article?)

Extract from the 2020 Proprioo’s brand book. Pages about the types and custom font used on every documentation.

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designing materials for the Sales team

What is key to a real estate agent is his relation to his clients, network and prospects. The corporate materials needed to reflect the human-first marketing strategy by including pictures and designing eye-catching illustration based on the geographical location of the sale.

Flyers shaped as postcards for paris and its suburb, business cards and the corporate brochure given at first meetings.

Working on specific projects

Once the graphic identity was implemented on all existing materials, I collaborated with sales and marketing teams to craft dedicated projects depending on their needs.

Proprioo magazine

“1 month to draft a 100 pages premium publication? Challenge accepted

Summer 2019, I am challenge to create a +100 pages magazine with articles, data visualisation and all the most beautiful property sold by Proprioo.


“Numbers are keys!

Marketing Lead-generation campaign, made with Data about the pricing in Paris per arrondissement.

Proprioo real estate signs

“We came up with those illustrated real estate signs that speak to the local residents. Instead of adding visual pollution, we create positive art”

There is 5 illustrations that the real estate agent can chose from, depending on the property and its location.

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2019 Digital and print marketing

2019 Motion design

2019 Printed ad in French newspaper 20 Minutes

event & pRESS strategy

I worked hand-in-hand with Public relations manager Lucie Leclerc-Vasallo to implement the visual identity onto media projects, such as: making from scratch a 12m2 stand at RENT (REAL ESTATE & NEW TECH) in 1 week, taking picture at every public opportunity, putting together a premium press kit in 2 days or design social media posts.

Overview of Proprioo’s stand at RENT 2019 – All pictures are taken and edited by me.

goodies and customer service

Because Real Estate is not only one transaction, Proprioo show support to its client throughout their customer journey: from their daily bike ride, their grocery shopping and quiet time at home to their final transaction. Congratulations!

Hoodie Saddle with a witty quote :”Don’t seat on your savings!”
Tote bag distributed by sales on various markets during weekends
Candle offered to clients when they list their property with Proprioo

Bottle of Champagne given when the property is sold

last but not least… don’t forget to have fun!

First of all, if you made it this far, thank you for your support! Being a designer means that my head is always overflowing with ideas and design concepts. My favorite season is winter, when I get full creative liberty to design the “Happy Holidays” and “Happy new year” greeting cards!

“Happy Holiday” greeting cards set: I reworked the Main Proprioo illustration to add a cosy, winter-y ambiance.
“Happy New Year” communication materials: greeting card, social media post and email signature.

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they trusted Eleonore

« Eleonore’s design work combined business objectives and creative consistency. I can only salute her level of professionalism and her dedication to her work! »

« Creative on a very short notice »

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Eleonore had the ability to work on our project on very short notice with a creative design that completely corresponded to our needs and hopes.

Adux Group

« She understands the clients’ needs »

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I recommend Eleonore. She is a very good designer who knows how to understand the client’s needs.

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